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Welcome to my journey

My passion for art comes from within. As I create these works of art, I bond with them. They are my children with whom every stroke of the pencil I give another breath of life. Through my art, I develop a relationship that is so strong, it completely envelops me, enriching me with its innocence and beauty.        My water scenes have become a journey through my life. Just like one’s life, nature is ever- changing; from turbulent and unexpected to calm and inviting. Life isn’t about the destination; it’s about the journey, milestones, sacrifices, and the miracles along the way. I embrace each painting as my life unfolds with every pencil or brush stroke.  With the completion of each work, I am one step closer to fulfilling my dream. As with any dream, once you reach it, there is another waiting to be born. My paintings have filled me with joy, pleasure and satisfaction, it is not a feeling that can be described, it must be felt with the soul. I want to share my children with the world; I want them to draw you into their story, their energy, and their passion. Only then has my real dream come true.