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Tuesday, December 9, 2014 Welcome to my blog! As you can see I do not have a “followers” sign-up but you may still follow my blog by adding me to your “favorites” bar on your browser. It may take me a while to get fully acclimated to this program so I thank you in advance for being patient.
Wednesday, December 10, 2014 I have been teaching colored pencil classes and found that students are dependent upon verbal advice for color until they become familar with the full color range of the Prismacolors which they use. I have created a color key kit for my students to use and assist them in their color choices. The student uses their own pencils to color in the preset blocks. This also enables them to practice their application of the pencil strokes. If you are interested in purchasing this kit please click on the following and it will direct you to The Etsy Shop: Prismacolor Color Key Kit
Friday, December 12, 2014 After racking my brain for a title for this piece I have confidently named it "Changing Perspectives". The reason? My style, approach, and subject matter is slowly evolving as is my life (career, family, and friends). I have been searching for a title that simply conveys that. A book I am reading "Beauty" (A Path to God) by Anthony J. Ciorra explains how art (the beauty of God) can translate faith. There is one sentence that seemed to be spotlighted for me as I was reading it. Have you ever had that moment where you read a word, sentence, or paragraph, or been involved in a conversation and you said "THAT'S IT!!!!! THAT'S ME!!!!!" Well this is that moment! It explains both my life and art simultaneously. The sentence....."Prayer does not make art by changing circumstances but by changing perspectives." Prayer has not changed anything in my life except the fact that I have learned to accept situations that I can do nothing about. I have no control. (Imagine that....I can't change anyone or anything...only myself.) I can breath now as I am VERY SATISFIED and LOVE the title. Those of you that know me closely will see and understand this piece and I hope that other viewers can or may some day relate